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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Wix share price keeps rising

Wix.com Is A Classic Market First Mover

If you've been looking around the expanding software as a service market (SaaS) and wondering where you can invest in this market then I have the perfect stock for you.

Wix.com is clearly the market leader in this fledgling market and it's product is far superior to all the other website builders on the market. I should know because I built a website comparing all the leading online website builders.

Where it falls short is in its e-commerce capability because under the hood it simply doesn't have the power of a Shopify or BigCommerce. However Wix is not designed to take the e-commerce market by storm, it is designed to make building a website simple and easy for even beginners and it does it with panache.

Wix Share PriceThe drag and drop technology that Wix uses means that you are not restricted by templates where you can place items on the page so you can make beautiful looking designs that you can't make anywhere else. People who use Wordpress to build their company website soon find the horrible limitations of a pure blogging platform.

Competitors like Weebly are playing catchup in this market and I don't believe they are ever going to get there, Wix is going to go from strength to strength because it has the better technology platform.

Todays stock price is $44.39, almost double last years price at the same period but with more innovations to come I don't see this stock slowing down any time soon.